Heart of an adventurer, head of an entrepreneur, souls of an artist. Story Telling is Charlie Grosso’s natural talent, for Brands, NGOs and individual clients. Leveraging first hand global insights doing work that matters. Let her be your narrator.

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Instead of hyper-specialization, I chose a Renaissance approach to my life and work. Straight lines only lead to fixed conclusions. I used to worry about being a jack-of-all-trades -- until I realized innovation comes from the connecting the dots and learned to love the beauty of doing.

I am a storyteller. For you, for me, for brands, and for those who need their voices amplified. I am dedicated to doing meaningful work with great people and to saying yes. Let me be your narrator.



A mobile phone-based digital literacy program for adoloscent refugees.
Initial pilot summer 2017 in Iraq. 


/fashion, life style, travel, tech & media/
Creative Director might be one of the coolest job titles there is, secondly only to an astronaut or professional hitman.  Sony, Air Jordan, JWT, Saatchi & Saatchi,  JC Penny, Target, Lexus, Toyota are some of the brands I’ve worked with. Dreaming “it” and making “it” runs in my DNA. A girl on an iceberg with seals? Done. A short film featuring the staff of the InterContinental in Kabul? Yes!  



/a way of life, a mindset/
I didn’t know what I would grow up and become, but an optimistic fearless adventurer is a surprise. I’ve traveled through 6 continents, 80+ countries, mostly solo; raced a small car from London to Ulaanbaatar, trekked in the Himalayas multiple-times, drove a Tuk-Tuk across India, survived a robbery homicide with Ugandan rebels and I’m just getting started. The road is a way of life; it is my religion. 


/fashion, portraits & documentary/ 
He puts a Hasselblad 501 in my hand. This is the first time I’ve held a medium format camera. I looked through the ground glass and fell in love. I’ve been a professional photographer for over 15 years. I also tinker with short films, thousands and thousands of still frames knitted together. I still get that that tiny jolt every time I look through a Hasselblad. 


/branding & marketing/ 
Leveraging in-depth global perspective spanning 70+ countries, across multiple industries for singular solutions and actionable insights. Creatively innovating ways to make meaningful impact is what I do for Brands, Start-Ups, and NGOs at JMartStrategies.

Mongol Rally Freddie leaning out of car.jpg


/documentary-fine art photography/
A photo-documentary of food markets around the world. 10 years in the making, spanning 42 countries and 120 cities. The markers are a mico universe of that culture, township. The cuisine is a reflection of the national psyche. To understand a culture, you start with the food; to know the food, you start at the markets. The series has been exhibited worldwide and is forthcoming as a book. 


/non-fiction first person narratives/
Stories & story-telling is the invisible thread that connects these dots. A story that moves is magic --- transfixing, transporting, transmuting ---- propaganda at its best. Travel, food, and culture are my beat and my writing has appeared in Maker, Creem, The Express Tribune, Yahoo Travel, OTPYM and more.


/contemporary art photography/
A series spanning five-years, multiple countries and hundreds of beds. A musing on the meaning of home and the search for.  



/contemporary pop-up art gallery/ 
I make art. Some of the coolest people I know make incredible art. In the sweltering summer of 2010, starting a contemporary art gallery with your best friend to showcase emerging artists doing work that is about this moment in the zeitgeist made sense to our overheating brain. Baang + Burne is a gallery for the new elites, for the hackers, builders, tinkers and makers. 


/weekly newsletter/
A human Venn diagram in newsletter form. Topics spanning from branding, marketing, contemporary fine art, food, travel in far-off places, long-form narrative, social impact, refugees and bears. It will spark conversations. It might make you hungry or stroke the wanderlust or add another book to the nightstand.