Heart of an adventurer, head of an entrepreneur, souls of an artist. Story Telling is Charlie Grosso’s natural talent, for Brands, NGOs and individual clients. Leveraging first hand global insights doing work that matters. Let her be your narrator.

Creative Director


Creative director might be one of the coolest job titles there is, secondly only to an astronaut or professional hitman.  Sony, Air Jordan, JWT, Saatchi & Saatchi,  JC Penny, Target, Lexus, Toyota are some of the brands I’ve worked with. Dreaming “it” and making “it” runs in my DNA.
A girl on an iceberg with seals? Done.
A short film featuring the staff of the InterContinental in Kabul? Yes! 

A Selection of Recent Favorites:


Clothing Arts

/rebrand/ print & video

Clothing Arts, an outdoor travel company. Goal upscale, broaden and appeal to a younger audience, target demo 22-40. 
#SeamlessTransition highlights the versatility of the chinos and wrinkle resistant shirts to move from day-into-night. 
#GoAnyWay for the adventure in us all, regardless of challenges and frontier, to live is to head out into the unknown. 
Limited budget, less than $20K. 

Concept and execute a catalog for a brand with a limited product offering. The catalog needs to appeal to both modern urbanites and adventure travelers that are the core audience for the brand. The catalog is released quarterly so we added additional editorial sections to make the piece something worth holding on it. 


Intercontinental -
The Frontline is HOME


Possible Cities & InterContinental Properties:

·      Cairo, Egypt
·      Kabul, Afghanistan
·      Caracas, Venezuela
·      Asmara, Eritrea
·      Beirut, Lebanon
·      Kiev, Ukraine
·      Lagos, Nigeria

/Ogilvy/ Series of Brand Lift Videos / 3-5 min in format

In forgotten corners of the globe, in politically volatile hot spots, select hotels are media hubs for foreign correspondents and journalists. InterContinental is one of them.

The hotel takes on many forms for the journalists working abroad. It is the office; a miniature editorial bullpen, the editing room for videos they upload and stories they file. It is home to the dusty and weary reporters as they parachute in and out conflict zones. Clean sheets and flushing toilets is a new definition of luxury, a temporary sanctuary from the field. The hotel is the journalist’s basecamp to find fixers, translators and drivers before into unknowable future. The hotel staffs are a source of information; their warm smiles a comfort in the dark and conflict-ridden world.

The Story:

The hotel staffs are one of the many unsung heroes of the frontline, quietly providing a safe heaven, providing CNN, Reuters, AP, TIME, The New York Times what they need to realize critical stories that are shaping our world. Let us tell their story. These short features will focus on the staff’s interaction with the journalists, briefly profiling who they are, a glimpse of the city and the neighborhood from their perspective. Through their eyes, we will get a sense of what Cairo was like in the spring of 2011 and the silent yet critical role InterContinental Hotel & staff played during these historical moments.   


Natural History:
Slow Fashion


A series of imaginative postcards from a fantastic journey romantic, whimsical, improbable advocating for slow-fashion with a dose of the absurd. Deeply rooted in the current style of dream-esq contemporary fashion set in natural environments with endangered or predatory animals with the models unaware.   



Love in Revolution

/short film treatment/

A documentary style short. Siba meets her first boyfriend at the beginning of the Syrian revolution. They protested Assad together; love intertwined with the intoxication for a Free Democratic Syria. The revolution fails, as their love. Is Siba longing for that lost love or for the dream of the promise of the revolution?