Heart of an adventurer, head of an entrepreneur, souls of an artist. Story Telling is Charlie Grosso’s natural talent, for Brands, NGOs and individual clients. Leveraging first hand global insights doing work that matters. Let her be your narrator.
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Story & story-telling is the invisible thread that connects the dots of my life. A story that moves is magic --- transfixing, transporting, transmuting ---- propaganda at its best. Travel, food, and culture are my beat and my writing has appeared in Maker, Creem, The Express Tribune, Yahoo Travel, OTPYM and more. Below are a few of my favorites, for more, head over to SpyTravelogue.

Drowning in Lust in Stone Town. 

It all started with Richard.

I walk into the dive center for the first day of the four-day PADI course in Stone Town, Zanzibar. At the sight of Richard, dormant desires are jolted awake and I am in trouble...

Fixation. Addiction. Obsession. 

At a cafe table in Piazza San Marco, I anxiously turn the box of matches around and around between my thumb and ring finger while gently holding on to a single cigarette. I impatiently wait for the seasoned waiter to bring out the double espresso before I strike the match and take that first inhale...

Barefoot Cafe

Lunch hour. Girls from the offices near by fills the blond wood cafe, their credentials dangle from lanyards around their neck. They sit, share a few things, order a colorful beverage and hang out until its time to return to their desks. They never order coffee...