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Hi Love,

is a human Venn diagram written as a love letter, from me to you.

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Amazon Eats the World

What makes NYC so appealing to all who live here and those who dream of being here is the character, energy, diversity, and permissiveness. Except the forces of gentrification have been flattening out our lady's character bit by bit since 1980s. "Gentrification is about class—and the places where class intersects with race and other factors, like education and sexual orientation—but it is always about an imbalance of power. And in every scenario, the gentrifiers have more power.” Amazon is raw power with their $1T market cap. 

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How do we change the world?

During a presentation at an elite private school here in Manhattan, the students raised their hand and ask, “how can we help.” We are barely 5 mins into the presentation and they are already picking up what we are putting down. Did I mention that the students are in the 6th grade? Why does it take adult so much longer to raise their hand and say, “count me in?!”

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