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Hi Love,

is a human Venn diagram written as a love letter, from me to you.

Is it Time to Hibernate?

HI Love,

It's been bear of a week here. HOLY HECK! (Yes, I'm trying to watch my language and correct the potty mouth that has gone unchecked for 25 years. Too little too late? Time will tell). Other people's misery never brings me joy but there is something comforting about knowing I'm not the only one who experienced the week as such. How was your week? 

"Bear of a week..." what a phrase. And it got me wondering, what other animals make a cameo in the day to day colloquial? A quick Google search returned the following: 

1 – the elephant in the room.
2 – one-trick pony.
3 – the lion's share.
4 – Hold your horses!
6 – pig-headed.
7 – weasel out of ...
8 – the cat's meow.
9 – let the cat out of the bag.
10 - let the sleeping dog lie

We need to use "bear of a week" a lot more before it will rank in any list but I'm confident we can get there. 

I could riff on this for a while but better we get to the useful part of this little love note. 



PS. I owe some of you a reply. You will hear from me in the next couple of days. Just let me get caught up here. 


Here it is, the last month of 2018. Do you have an end of the year ritual? Will you share? I've essentially worked for myself in these last twenty years and December is always quiet. In the early years, I used to freak out, until I learned to use December to plan for what's ahead and be deliberate about the steps ahead. Let's plan for 2019 in December than January. Take your time, mull it over, debate it amongst friends, ask a mentor, check out online tutorials for a new skill, read a book for a new perspective. 

Bobbi Lane and I taught a class this week at B&H Photo for emerging photographers. My portion of the lecture involved an overview of marketing for freelancers. For more in-depth training on all things social and inbound marketing, check out: HubSpot Academy

If you had a chance to read my mid-week special announcement, and the ask (the fundraiser continues), and share my discomfort in asking, Amanda Palmer's "The Art of Asking" is fabulous. I recommend it for all artists and freelancers. I usually prefer to read the book but I listened to it on audiobook. Narrated by Amanda,  it's an added bonus. 

If you are not sure what is next and could use a little clarity before mapping out a game plan, Danielle LaPorte's Fire Starters Session and White Hot Truth are awesome. A mixture of light memoir + personal development + business acumen. I believe it's available on multiple formats including a Udemy Online Course. Google around and see what works best for you. [FULL DISCLOSURE - women will find deeper resonance with LaPorte's teaching and methods. Gentleman, step to your edge and give her a try. You do want women as clients don't you?]


RICE NOODLE FISH: Deep Travels Through Japan's Food Culture by Matt Goulding. This is the first in a series for Matt and in my opinion the best one. The second in the series is on Spain followed by Italy. 

This first book by him is the kind of book I wish I had time to write. His writing, his love for Japan and the food bumped Japan up on my list of countries to revisit and see it differently, to see it as he had.


Cairo is up next. I'm speaking at NEXUS on informal education and how it can help bridge the education gap for hundreds and thousands of refugees who don't have access to good formal education. I was last in Cairo in 2010, before the Arab Spring. Have you been since? Let me know your impressions if you've been there recently. 


In keeping with the animal theme this week...
Tiny Hamsters Eats A Tiny Burrito. 
I won't say anymore and let you check it out for yourself.