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Hi Love,

is a human Venn diagram written as a love letter, from me to you.

There will always be a first time

“Hi Love,” is my favorite greeting. Vu was the first person to greet me with "Hi Love!" It took me by surprise when I first heard it. Vu and I are friends and colleagues. Without a whiff of romance and being addressed as "love" seemed...unexpected. And incredibly flattering. Through those two little words, I was transformed into a personification of love, platonic love, romantic love, or simply, LOVE. 

These two words establish an immediate sense of intimacy, I feel seen, safe and cared for. A little dose of optimism through a simple greeting. 

I'm sorry I've been absent. I'm ready to return, in this form, a weekly note every Sunday, Hi Love, and I hope to fill it with useful, humorous, and informative tidbits for you. 

Will you give Hi Love, a few weeks and see how you like it? 

With love, 



This should be a softball, but I'm constantly surprised by how frequently our consulting clients are unable to answer this fundamental question, "What is your objective?" 

A client engaged us to help them come up with punty funny names for new programs they are about to announce. They wanted puns that both explains the program and echoes the name of the organization. For the sake of clarity, I asked, "what is your objective? Is this for the sake of your grantees, your donors or are you trying to leverage the humor to gain traction with a greater audience?" The silence on the other end of the call was deafening. 

Branding/Messaging/Strategic Planning 101: be clear about what you are trying to achieve before all else. 


Scott Galloway's No Malice/No Mercy weekly note has become one of my favorite. His market analysis is spot on. For a Capitalist with a moral compass, he is walking that fine line mighty fine. And he can write. Read "Brands and Bone Saw" here and judge for yourself. 


Faroe Island. Have you been? Tell me about it...


New York Business Journal and Career Contessa both featured me and the unconventional career path from advertising photographer to refugee education at Hello Future. I know I am not the only one here with a nonlinear career trajectory, what is yours? 


Opening November 8 at Gallery Henoch, Parallel Transformations, an exhibition by Kim Cogan. Much of his riveting work is about New York, or more precisely, the story of light in New York. 

Joan Bankemper at Rachel Uffner Gallery in LES, NYC, in Pageant of Inconceivable, a group exhibition of fourteen artists producing ceramic works that reflect on the human condition in a variety of approaches and scale.


When R and I lived together, we talked about setting up a table at Union Square and field questions and quandaries as Lucy from Peanuts did. Here is a virtual version of that. Tell me what you've been pondering, be it in business, art, the art business, travel, communications or even love, and I will do my best. 

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