You, a creative professional, a non-profit with a social good mission, a hip fashion label, travel company focused on adventures and sustainability, an inspiring start-up or a giant entertainment mammoth.

Me, a hybrid, a new generation of consultant.

Director, Playwright, Designer, Production Manager, Actor, Editor, Music Producer, Advertising Photographer, Artist, Stylist, Creative Director, Marketing / Brand Consultant, Travel Blogger, Writer, Event Coordinator, CEO of Start-Up, Adventurer, Documentarian, Digital Strategist, Curator and Executive Director of a NYC Art Gallery are just a partial list of my experiences and diguises.

The ligament that flexes each muscle group of my professional career is story telling and opportunity strategy. I excel at telling stories and seeing connections. I love telling stories that spread, your brand’s, mine or the kid in the corner eating paste --- visually, digitally and in slow media.

Talk to me. Let me know how I can help.