Heart of an adventurer, head of an entrepreneur, souls of an artist. Story Telling is Charlie Grosso’s natural talent, for Brands, NGOs and individual clients. Leveraging first hand global insights doing work that matters. Let her be your narrator.


The mind of a serial entrepreneur with a pirate soul and a poet's heart. Creative solution oriented. Purpose driven. Powered by caffeine and seeking to know the unknown.

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  • Nonlinear Career Paths

  • Branding & Communication Strategy

  • Storytelling for a Purpose

  • Adventure Travel & Solo Travel

  • Contemporary Art & Art as Activism

  • Long Term Documentary Projects

To invite Charlie to speak, email: charlie [at] charliegrosso [dot] com


Grosso’s life is as much as expression of her art as her business acumen. Charlie captures the world with irony and sensitivity, wonder and rich understanding. Through her work, we feel deeply and think differently about people and places both familiar and alien.
She is a graduate of the University of Southern California. A born entrepreneur, she started her first business at age 20.  Since then she has risen as an influential figure in the advertising, branding, and marketing. Charlie’s drive as a serial entrepreneur was evident long before the term was part of our zeitgeist. 

Charlie embodies adventure, having traveled across six continents and through more than 80 countries via local bus, train, caravan, and clunker.  She has raced the Mongol Rally, survived a hold-up by Ugandan rebels, and seamlessly translated insights from globetrotting into effective strategies for business. Her journey is like no other; her vision and innovative solutions takes us to places we never expect.